Karl Marx saw history as class struggle. I see history as Individualism verses Collectivism. The essential right of an Individual in America is to own property. Marx made it a central point of his writing to deny that right to the Individual.*


The founding fathers believed private property to be a foundation (Bill of Rights Amendment V) and upon this foundation was built the other Rights, namely Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, choice of Religion, to bear arms…


The reason we are in decline is that this Right was not enshrined as an absolute. Instead, Government was given permission to tax and, because of this loophole, we are in the 123rd year of having this right extinguished – beginning with the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 and continuing through the Income Tax Amendment, Social Security, Medicare, Patriot Act, Kelo v New London, and Obamacare.

If a citizen does not have the right to own the ground on which he stands, he can have no other rights.

If we are to gather around a banner, it should read – Don't tread on my property!


* The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx and Frederick Engels


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