Tea Party Patriot Buttons and DVD patriotic song

Hi, Randy -

   We spoke briefly at R Blk Party last thursday when you said you liked my "Tea Party Patriot" button. I also spoke at the April meeting suggesting people get and wear one of these buttons as well as put a TPP bumper sticker on their cars.

I have about 100 TPP bumper stickers which I would like to bring to the meeting on Tuesday, June 5th.  I would like to offer them for a dollar donation apiece (which is my cost).

Also, I have a marvelous patriotic DVD entitled "My Name is America" by Todd Allen Herendeeen (#1 on country charts) that is about 3 1/2 minutes long.  I think it would be inspiring to start off ATP's meetings with this song.  I know agenda is always very crowded but think these few minutes are worth it.  I don't have a laptop so we would have to use someone else's.  I almost stand when I play this song - it is stirring to say the least.  I

Please advise your thoughts on these suggestions.  My husband and I will be at the meeting by 6:00 or so - we can talk for a brief minute  then if you don't have time to reply.  Thanks, karen hurst


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Comment by W. Branstetter on June 2, 2012 at 8:56pm


I am not sure how frequently Randy checks the web site.  If you talked with him at R Block Party about any of your suggestions here, it should be okay to bring those items.  I have added a link to this blog post in the comments section of the June 5 meeting announcement.


The video you suggested is a good one to add to the video section so I will get that posted shortly.


Thank you for posting your comments.  See you Tuesday.


Wilma B.


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