Siezure/light/traffic/nanny police

A friend's son recently suffered a seizure while she was driving.
He does have seizures of all kinds from mild "space out" to grand-Mal. He is on medication, large doses.
She claims that the seizure was triggered at a stop light.
As all of you are aware, especially those of you in Aurora, Colorado, the lights systems now have cameras.
With these cameras are flashes if light to improve the photos of people running red lights or committing other "crimes" at the light.
These flashes of light are directed straight at the windshield, the driver and front passenger.

The reason I bring this up is because of the recent news of a woman suffering a seizure and killing a family of 5.

I have to question whether our police nanny state could have induced that seizure. 

Yes, she was wrong to drive knowing the doctor had "advised" her not to. 

We will begin seeing more seizure related accidents?

Wikipedia epilepsy seizure

Ehow light and seizures


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