"Well.. brother! Was I wrong about the Jobs last Friday! But to my defense, all the signs pointed to a weak number… Don’t know why, I didn’t take into consideration the ghost jobs… but I didn’t… 175,000 jobs of the 244,000 reported were added by the BLS through their hedonic adjustment Birth / Death Model… that I’ve explained many times in the past… But, in essence, they are jobs that are added out of thin air, much like our money supply… "


US consumers are definitely starting to borrow again, and the ‘officials’ are pointing to this increase in debt as a good sign the US economy is recovering They really believe that debt is good, and get excited when US consumers are going deeper in debt, as it means they are spending more.  The increase in US consumer credit is not a good sign for the long term recovery of the US economy.  Of course, the increase of food, gas, etc, which is ignored in government data, may be the reason people are buying more.  In the final analysis it is lies, lies, lies and more lies about virtually everything.

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