The "killing" of Osama bin Laden is just the last chapter in a long running serial story entitled Osama bin Laden and 911. Like Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek story, once Osama bin Laden and 911 hit the TV screen a decade ago it generated episode after episode, sequel after sequel for ten years. But finally, like Captain Kirk – after at least nine lives and fifty ever more preposterous escapes – Osama had to be killed and sent to wherever it is that literary characters go after their usefulness expires. But just as Star Trek was morphed into mythic dimensions after the last scene played out, so now after the curtain has come down on the Osama bin Laden and 911 tale, it too is being moved along from momentary politically useful fiction (lies) to perpetually useful political myth with all the paraphernalia that accompanies such a transition in contemporary times. A big budget movie is said to be already in the works, tentative title, The Seals Seal the Deal. Clooney is suppose to have the lead with a direct descendant of Rin-Tin-Tin playing "War Dog," the heroic canine who was choppered in with the Seals to take down Osama.......


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