Much has been made of recent rules changes at the GOP Convention.  Do I oppose these changes?  Oh, that’s too limited.  Truth is, I oppose ANY changes at this time.  This is a time for unity—for reaching out—and my Party leadership has done the precise opposite of what I’ve been pushing behind the scenes.  I’m filled with misery, as misguided strategy threatens to derail a landslide victory.


So you won’t hear me defending ANY changes.


But, as one who has given all his heart and strength to unify my beloved Republicans with my cherished Tea Party and Libertarians, I hope I’ve earned one chance—just one—to plead for reason at this time of great strife.  Please, my friends; please hear me.


I understand the call for Third Parties right now, but this is the worst time to leave the Republican Party.  The very worst.  If I’ve earned any trust whatsoever, let me offer 3 reasons for my view:  The Trend, The Present Reality, and the Future.




Why would anyone try to seize power and change rules at this time?  BECAUSE THEY’RE LOSING IT.  The GOP’s dominant trend leads toward a hybrid of Tea Party and Libertarian beliefs—there is no denying this.  Not only inevitable, it is near, and by historical measure, rapid.  Even Ron Paul recently said his followers were “becoming the tent.”  I took issue with this, not because there’s no truth in it, but rather because I don’t believe ANY one group is becoming the tent.


Ask several Paul supporters—separately—what they believe.  You’ll receive several different answers.  Hey, they’re all over the map, AND I LOVE THAT ABOUT THEM.  Why?  Because while Paul himself has many distinct views, his followers share only one:  Personal liberty.  They believe in the individual, and as such, they allow widely varying views within their “Revolution.”  This is exactly what Conservatism is supposed to embrace—Individual Freedom versus Collective Control—but the GOP often forgets the beauty of it.  At times, the GOP forgets that we’re supposed to be the Free Marketplace of Ideas, and the Paulites are trying to restore this.


Unfortunately, these young Paulites—whom I adore, by the way—make one major mistake:  They seldom extend that openness to those outside their group.  Abounding in mistrust, they tend to lash out at anyone who doesn’t instantly support total non-interventionism, legalization of drugs, and so forth.   Instinctively, THEY LOOK FOR FAULT, NOT WISDOM OR DIVERSITY, IN TRADITIONAL REPUBLICANS.  For young Paulites (and some old ones), anyone who dares hold an opposing view is promptly written off as anti-Constitutional or outright evil.  Folks, THIS IS NOT THE FREE MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS IN ACTION.  IT IS INSTEAD THE SAME PUNISHING OF DISSENT THEY ALLEGE GOP LEADERSHIP JUST COMMITTED IN TAMPA. Like those party elders they self-righteously oppose, these young Paulites have already learned how to silence opposing voices.  How sad they so quickly become the “insiders” they despise.


But here’s the saddest part:  THEY’RE NOT SEEING THE TREND.  They don’t realize they’re winning; that the Party is moving their direction.  Thus, they’re surprised when Party elders make last-gasp maneuvers at a Convention.  Look, when trends occur so rapidly in a major party, the elders will fight back.  That’s true everywhere, not just in Republican politics.


But these rules changes won’t last.  THERE’S NO CHANCE OF IT.  The Libertarian/Tea Party trend in the GOP isn’t an adjustment; it’s an avalanche.  And avalanches scare people, especially when rudely pushed on elders who spent decades struggling against biased media and schools.  Their emotions were already worn thin.  Today, when the new breed demands to be heard and then shouts others down, they’re not making things any easier.  But as I said, THE TREND IS WHOLLY IN THE NEW BREED’S FAVOR, AND ANY LAST-GASP ACTIONS AGAINST THEM WON’T LAST.


Does this mean that everyone in the GOP will soon agree with the Paulites on everything?  My goodness, EVEN THE PAULITES DON’T AGREE ON EVERYTHING!  The GOP isn’t just switching sides, but rather opening up to new viewpoints.  “Peace through Strength” is being balanced with healthy caution against interventionism.  The war on drugs is coming under scrutiny, and marijuana is being compared to alcohol.  The GOP now calls for an audit of the Fed, warrants for drone strikes, and reaffirming that Congress—not the President—can declare war.  Bailouts are repented of, Entitlements are being reformed—and that’s just for starters, ladies and gents.


But the beauty of the Republican Party is that, rather than just changing stances, we’re once again the Free Marketplace of Ideas.  This requires people to listen and learn, not just debate and conquer.  Neither the elders grabbing power in Tampa nor the Paulites doing the same in locales across the nation are the ultimate “tent” here.  Rather, ALL WHO VALUE INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY AND ARE WILLING TO LISTEN will be the new tent, and a glorious tent it will be.


So let me close this section with a guarantee:  I GUARANTEE THAT THE TREND TOWARD A TEA PARTY/LIBERTARIAN HYBRID IS UNSTOPPABLE, AND I WILL PERSONALLY PRESS FOR THIS FREE MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS TO ATTAIN DOMINANCE BY 2014.  You heard me.  I want the “new breed” valued for restoring individual liberty to the highest Republican virtue, and I also want the “elders” respected for all they’ve done in restraining the Left till now.  The “elders” compromised too much, the “new breed” shows too little patience, and neither listens enough, BUT BOTH WILL MAKE US WISER AND BETTER FOR THE NEW, EMERGING REPUBLICAN PARTY.


That is my pledge.  I only ask that you stick around and help me bring it about.  Please.



Third Parties can be great.  They expose compromise, restore principles, and in time, can even rise to govern.


But not this time.


You see, the problem is not with a Third Party, but rather with the current Democratic Party.  Put simply, they’re just too unified; too numerous.  Thus, any splitting of their opposition will only assure their victory.  To all considering leaving, your departure could well finish us.


I KNOW THAT’S UNFAIR.  I’m sorry.  I am so sorry.  But while Conservatives can disagree on how to apply principles, at least we HAVE principles.  Sometimes we fail them, and sometimes we fail each other; we’re just people, after all.  Sometimes we make poor decisions that divide our ranks.  But please believe WE DO HAVE PRINCIPLES.  That is why I sacrificed the fellowship of my family to become a Conservative.  I lost everything for principle—for truth.


But the Democrats have no such principles dividing them, so they have no group willing to split off over some crisis of conscience.  They have but one goal:  WINNING.  And this unifies them.


One could say, “All those who follow Romney are just as guilty as those who would follow Ron Paul—or Gary Johnson.  They’re splitting us too.”  Perhaps.  If Johnson had a better chance than Romney, I’d happily support him.  In fact, you’ll recall that Romney himself pledged support for any GOP nominee—back when both Paul and Johnson shared the stage.  But now, there isn’t time for Johnson to win, while Romney can.  As unfair as this seems, THE ONLY THING THAT CAN BE ACHIEVED BY LEAVING THE REPUBLICANS TO SUPPORT A THIRD PARTY IS OBAMA’S VICTORY.


In the end, a protest vote only achieves protest—one that will be forgotten after Election Day.


Look at it this way:  WHAT DOES OBAMA WANT?   Does he want us to unify behind his only numerically viable foe, and then continue our Tea Party/Libertarian trend after the election?  Or, does he want us splitting up over bad decisions made during Primaries and Conventions?  WHAT DOES OBAMA WANT?  The answer is obvious.  So if anyone leaves the GOP right now, they can only do so honestly by looking in the mirror and realizing, “I AM DOING WHAT OBAMA WANTS.”


My friends, I don’t say this to be nasty.  I say it to be honest.  DUE TO THE UNITY OF THE LEFT, any choice to leave Obama’s only numerically viable foe is a choice to help Obama.  Am I saying that “a vote for Third Party is a vote for Obama”?  No, I’m saying that evil triumphs when good men do nothing.  And come Election Day, protest votes will amount to doing nothing.  That is the cruel, unyielding math of the situation, and I can’t change it.  No one can.


And that, my treasured friends, is our Present Reality.




I’ve seen all the arguments that supposedly equate Romney/Ryan to Obama/Biden, and I’ve defeated them with ease.  Time here forbids an analysis.  But if you wish to say Romney/Ryan have signed on to things with which you and I disagree, I’m with you.  At times, so are they. 


Remember, Romney was SERVING the people of a hard-left state while governing with an 85% Democrat Legislature.  He had 19 vetoes overridden, and he compromised to pass a healthcare plan that looks nothing like what he is advocating nationally—and even then, Massachusetts has no unelected 15-member rationing board.  Romney opposed many of its most expensive items, and this compromise pulled back from a Democrat plan that was full universal healthcare.


Ryan also has votes he regrets, and has said as much.  But let’s cut to the chase by asking one very simple question:  Whether at Bain, fixing the Olympics, or governing Massachusetts, DID MITT ROMNEY EVER MOVE ANY ORGANIZATION TO THE LEFT FROM WHERE IT WAS HEADING WITHOUT HIM?  The answer is an emphatic “No!”  Romney always pushed to the right.


But what of Obama?  Has he ever failed to move organizations further to the left?  My goodness, need I even ask?  He was described as the most liberal member of Congress!  Wow!


Rather than examine all the ways in which Obama will demolish America with another 4 years—watch “2016” for more detail—I’ll just peek at one area:  The Supreme Court.


When John Roberts made his indefensible decision to spare Obamacare, many people missed the fact that he at least agonized over it.  Meanwhile, four other leftist Justices never gave it a second thought.  It can truly be said that, for Justices like Elena Kagan, all arguments presented mean nothing, since these four only seek the most radical leftist direction for America.


If Obama wins re-election, this number will rise from 4 to 6.  Seriously, this is very possible.  Can you even imagine what this means?  Six Supreme Court Justices who are 100% advocates?  Imagine full amnesty for all illegals, thus creating a one-party system.  Imagine unlimited voter fraud—not that the Dems will need to after full amnesty.  Guns?  You must be kidding.  Imagine an EPA with absolute power over industry.  Imagine churches being punished if they dare disagree with favored lifestyles—gotta stop that “hate speech.”  Imagine all aspects of Obamacare—on steroids.  Imagine many of our rights submitted to the UN.  FOLKS, I’M JUST SCRATCHING THE SURFACE.  I can’t begin to describe what will happen to freedom of speech.


I haven’t space here to discuss the crushing deficit FOR WHICH OBAMA PROPOSES NO SOLUTION.  I haven’t time to discuss Obama’s disastrous energy policies.  I haven’t time to discuss so much of what this man is planning to do to us.  There’s just too much.


So I’ll just close with this:


My friends, I sympathize greatly with your anger at recent events, but this is NOT just another election.  We can’t just let Romney lose, so we can shout “I told you so!” while America burns.  Rome never came back, and neither will we.  We won’t just get it right four years from now.


My friends, I want so badly to undo some of what was done, BUT I CAN’T FIX IT IN TWO MONTHS.  I’m too small, and this will take time.


I’m begging you to give me that time.  I won’t even try to act proud.  I’m on my knees here.  I’m at your feet, pleading for America’s future.  I don’t care about my pride, your pride, the elders’ pride, Mitt Romney’s pride, or anyone else’s pride.


Remember the movie, “Independence Day?”  Remember how everyone had to unite because the threat facing mankind was greater than any of the awful things we had done to each other?  Yes, this situation is different, but the unity I’m requesting is the same.  We need to set aside our differences—even our valid concerns—until the greatest threat is defeated on Election Day.


My friends, America won’t just crash and come back.  If you think it will, you are wrong.  You are terribly, terribly wrong. For our children and their children, we must unite.  Now. 



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Comment by Andy Peth on September 8, 2012 at 7:18pm

Thanks, Joseph.  Ben couldn't have been more right!


If we lose this election, I believe there will be two big reasons: 


1) The Roberts decision.  We had the momentum until then, and we've never gotten it back.  He granted insane legitimacy to Obama's signature legislation, while killing our ability to argue for a Republican based on "appointing Constitutionalist Justices."

2)  The division of Obama's opponents.  Romney shouldn't have failed to reach out more effectively, Paul shouldn't have failed to see the big picture before us, the Convention leaders shouldn't have launched ANY changes, the GOP candidates' followers shouldn't be attacking each other so harshly--this has all been a catastrophe of bad decisions and visionless actions.


Somehow, some way, I pray we'll overcome our own stupidity.  We're losing to the worst president in American history, for goodness sakes.

Comment by Joseph William Gabriele on September 8, 2012 at 5:31pm

Well written Andy. It brought to mind Ben Franklin's quote..."If we don't hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately" ...

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