Message about Conservative Pop Culture from "Madison Rising" Manager

Richard Mgrdechian, is the founder, President & CEO of Purple Eagle Entertainment and manager of the popular pro-American rock band Madison Rising.  He has written an excellent opinion article titled "How Short-sighted Leadership Has Sabotaged Conservative Pop Culture."  The group "Madison Rising" joined the pop culture a few years ago along with other artists, but in recent months the group released their version of "The Star Spangled Banner."  Their music is making its way into the culture but when the group offered to help various political groups they were turned down--and their offer was to play at no charge.


I recommend reading Richard's article, check out the video that is included from the museum for Fort Sumter, and get a free download at the link at the bottom of the article.

When you are finished with that, I recommend searching for other clips from Madison Rising and I will also recommend that you look for the link for Big Dawg Music Mafia on the left side of the Arapahoe County Tea Party web site home page.  Some of the artists have been posting some of their music there.


While you are thinking of culture now, I will recommend that you check out some of the contributors to  One of the contributors, Bill Whittle, makes a huge splash every time he releases another commentary or speaks for an event.  The latest on updates Rudyard Kipling's "Gods of the Copybook Headings" 1919 poem to "Gods of Wisdom and Virtue."  Bill Whittle has a lot of videos that can be found on YouTube.  Some of Bill Whittle's videos are linked in the video section of the Arapahoe Tea Party web site here.  Bill Whittle also had an idea for how to fund conservative movies and started a web site a couple of years ago.  It is a great idea but I wonder if people care to build things like that from a small idea to a larger one with the funding.  So check out Declaration Entertainment for his movie idea.  In recent weeks, Bill Whittle has tried to do a weekly internet visit with some of his followers, so check him out on for his "The Stratosphere Lounge."


Support the culture.




Then Mark Steyn, sitting in for Rush Limbaugh Tuesday, November 27, also spoke to a portion of the culture problem and comments on "there are no consequences."




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Comment by W. Branstetter on November 30, 2012 at 2:05pm

Then again, could the problem with communication be something like this?  Where does money come from?

Comment by W. Branstetter on November 28, 2012 at 11:30pm

Perhaps just as important is this commentary on another item missing from the culture.  In National Review Online there is an article from November 28, 2012, "After the Crack-up:  Conservatives need to support their arguments with creative storytelling."


The idea does make sense as presented in this article since storytelling is a building block to learning from an early age and for someone who has a short attention span stories work very well.  It is a suggestion that can only help.


Comment by W. Branstetter on November 26, 2012 at 7:55pm

Here is a Christmas light display with the Madison Rising rendition.  I will bet the neighbors will be talking about this.

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