Liberty Watch Colorado -- Web Site Available

Liberty Watch Colorado now has their web site up.  The newsletters from recent months are listed under the "Media" tab.  The web site is still building but there are good informational categories.


The Liberty Watch Colorado group will be gearing up soon to review the next round of bills through the legislature.  Some people might find it worthwhile to assist with the reading and reviewing of the bills or attending committees for comments on the bills.  Think about this as an opportunity to become involved.


Liberty Watch Colorado started in January 2011 reviewing bills proposed for the Colorado legislature.  Nancy Rumfelt usually provides a weekly report when the legislature is in session (January to May) and has continued with reports on Monday afternoons through the summer on Grassroots Radio Colorado at 5:30 p.m. usually (560 KLZ from 5 to 7 p.m.).   Refer to podcasts of the radio show at:






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