Liberty Watch - Colorado started in January 2011 reviewing bills submitted to the Colorado legislature and posting comments for support or opposition on their Facebook  page.  They also send out a weekly e-mail newsletter on Sundays to update "news", "alerts", "legislative updates", and offer a guest commentary.  This week's newsletter has a number of alerts and possible action items that folks should be aware of. 


The commentary from Amy Oliver Cook [Greeley radio host at 1310 KFKA] is in regards to the $20 carbon tax that XCEL customers may not be aware of.


[issue date 03-06-2011]


I encourage everyone to read these updates and contact your state legislators and the committees to support or oppose any these bills. 


Check back to this topic and I will try to post the updates in the comments section. 


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Comment by W. Branstetter on May 1, 2011 at 9:49pm

The May 1, 2011, issue of Liberty Watch is available and reminds that there are only 8 regular business days left in the session.  This issue contains a suggestion from a 9-12 member who has offered a rough sketch for a possible resolution to the congressional district redrawing maps.



Comment by W. Branstetter on April 18, 2011 at 5:53pm


Nancy Rumfelt and the team from Liberty Watch do a great job of digesting the items pending before the state legislature that are important to the majority of the liberty groups so I do not like to add to their efforts.  This week they do address the news about the redistricting maps, the budget, and bills that they have moved hearing dates around.  The support for the HOPE bill has been changed to "oppose" because of the structure included that refers to "exchanges."


I did listen to the hearing for HB11-1140 until the hearing was halted to get Senator Boyd from another committee.  Since the bill was before the "kill committee" it is most likely that the bill was tabled (killed), even though Secretary of State Scott Gessler has identified more than 1,000 who stipulated they were not citizens on one form but appear to have registered to vote.  Today he was asked if any of the names that have been identified as probably voted had been successfully prosecuted and they would like to have a prosecution by tomorrow if I understood the question correctly.

Oh, HB11-1291 has been rescheduled from April 25 to tomorrow, April 19 (Tuesday), for hearing at the close of the house session which can occur at any time on Tuesday mornings.
04/17/2011 -- Liberty Watch news
I missed posting the link to the update for last week.  There are some bills referenced that may be helpful to be aware of for the current week (starting April 18).
04/11/2011 -- Liberty Watch news
Comment by W. Branstetter on April 4, 2011 at 5:11pm

The new "Liberty Watch--CO" newsletter (issue April 4, 2011) is available and has news of coming hearings and bills.  Check the review at:



Comment by W. Branstetter on March 24, 2011 at 11:41pm

The "Liberty Watch--CO" newsletter issued March 20, 2011, is available with news and action items at the state legislature.  See the update at:


I encourage the readers to look at the poll results in the above link.


Note:  After publishing this week's bulletin, SB11-200 was submitted and has been a serious matter for much discussion and alerts since Monday.  Representative Amy Stephens brought the matter to the attention of Grassroots Radio during the 5-7 p.m. show on KLZ 560 (was it Monday or Tuesday) and was met with considerable questioning from Ken Clark and Nancy Rumsfelt.  Discussion escalated and a hurried townhall meeting was called by Colorado Springs GOP for Wednesday evening.  From reports, the townhall became a presentation by Representative Amy Stephens and limited inquiries.  The senate hearing scheduled for March 24, 2011, was tabled without notice.


The Colorado Springs Gazette reports on the townhall:



Comment by W. Branstetter on March 14, 2011 at 10:43am

The "Liberty Watch--CO" newsletter issued March 13, 2011, is available with news and action items at the state legislature.  See the update at:


There was a "legislative half-time review" panel discussion sponsored by Hear Us Now and other groups.  The event was videotaped and as soon as links to the video become available that will be posted.  It was a good review.  There was good attendance but I thought there might have been more, but it was competing with a very busy day.  Many of the people attending this discussion had 3 or 4 other events on the agenda Saturday.




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