I was a strong supporter of Judge Napolitano.  I even gave him a break as I watched Freedom Watch, knowing that he was an employee of Murdock (FOX), a notorious neocon. 
A recent show he was praising Israel at all cost.  I was upset, but decided to wait patiently. 

On May 23, 2011 by ignoring legislators in Colorado taking the opposite position on the Constitution than he has repeatedly supported on Fox, Napolitano revealed his true colors. This was a once in a lifetime to accomplish something definitive and immediate for freedom.

 On the same date, on so called Freedom Watch, he coddled  and pampered Bonkers Bolton who has contributed to massive spending and greatly discredited our nation.  It has become fairly obvious he is being used as an escape valve to relieve pressure from genuine freedom lovers.  One has to conclude if Ron Paul reached the point of most likely receiving the nomination for President, Napolitano would stealthily slither from behind to back stab Ron Paul while cutting his throat.  It has become more and more obvious Napolitano is the enemy in disguise.

I would recommend that everyone stop supporting FOX and Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch. 

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