It was the first meeting I  have attended since joining and it was good to see over 100 people standing up for freedom. Many things were discussed including the Recall Hudak which when I got home I  saw on Channel 9 a report on the robo calls the creeps were putting out in Westminster to tell people not to talk or sign anything because it was all false.  I was  shocked that 9 News would actually report on it. If you have time to help please get with them.

It was also good to hear or good man Mr. Bruce Cairns has set up an ongoing meeting once a month with Mike Coffman to hear our concerns. He needs to hear from us on what we want Mr. Coffman to start doing.  It was nice to hear form Ken Buck and what he stands for and hope to hear more of that. There was much more including some information about Convention of the states and how we will be moving on that and meeting about Article 5 of the Constitution which we all need to know more on.

Then they brought in the representative of the Republican party for Colorado. I will have to say he tried to talk a good story about who the are but  many of their own members that do not follow the brochure that he handed out, and I think we let him know that. With that in mind, I hope he gets the message on to Washington and the progressives in the party need to go. Have a Blessed day.

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Comment by Randy B Corporon on November 13, 2013 at 4:15pm

Thank you, Philip.  Hope to see you again next time! 

Comment by W. Branstetter on November 13, 2013 at 2:04pm

Thank you, Philip Henderson, for posting the review of the meeting.

The meeting certainly concluded with "lively discussion" of Ryan Call's comments as well as others.  Chairman Call has addressed the group's concerns before, but he does have a way of using phrases that set off some verbal fireworks.


There has been a lively discussion on the Facebook page as well.


I am glad that you could attend and I hope that you will come back.  Regina commented that she would have information about the caucus system in December that should be helpful for people who want to work from inside the party systems.



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