Let's face it the U.S. dollar is almost done.
If you can get to a bank and exchange your dollar to loonies, euros, or even pesos you may be better off when the inflation hits.
And just like with gold and silver, I like to hold it in my hand.  This article speaks of buying CD's in foreign currency.  You would be better off with these CD's than with a CD in U.S. dollars.   (Just my opinion.)

With the Federal Reserve essentially printing money to help the U.S. out of the Great Recession, while keeping interest rates low, there’s not a lot of robust dollar-defending going on.
No wonder the buck is hitting three-year lows against major currencies. But these days, even if you’re not a gold bug, you’re not necessarily locked into the greenback. With the advent of currency ETFs and banks that let you hold foreign currency certificates of deposit, you can broaden your cash holdings with the click of a mouse.
But Colorado retiree Chuck Hooper likes the more direct route, of owning EverBank foreign currency CDs. So much so he now has 17 of them, investing in everything from the Canadian dollar to the Brazilian real. “With all the debt we’re accumulating, I see heavy inflation coming, and I see other countries pulling away from the U.S. dollar,” says the 80-year-old former business owner. “I’m very concerned — and that’s why I think foreign currency CDs are the right path.”

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