Colorado Public Trustees on the "Hot Seat"

The Colorado public trustees for the 65 counties are seldom in the news.  In fact, my impression was that the term was a nebulous description, but apparently it is actually a position that is in some instances appointed by  the governor.  The position has apparently come under some scrutiny as reported recently in the Denver Post.


As a result of the article, several of these people have tendered their resignations.  [Note that some of them may be reappointed to the same position.]


There are people and small watchdog groups that are putting in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) [federal] requests and similar Colorado requests.  Private citizens are becoming more aware of what has been going on with their governmental organizations and are asking questions themselves.  At a recent event, Lynn Bartells with the Denver Post commented that all of the news sources, because of their cutbacks in staffing, are relying more frequently on citizen activists.  Some of the legislators have themselves had to resort to filing FOIA requests to get information from agencies. 


Everyone should be on their toes as to what is going on.  If anyone is interested in learning about making FOIA requests, please express an interest in the comments section.  Training classes are periodically available and it would be helpful to learn of interest in our area.


Did you know about "public trustees"?




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