"Colorado Legislature and You" sponsored by Hear Us Now, et al.


Saturday, December 18, Hear Us Now, Gadsden Society, and others sponsored a panel discussion titled "Colorado Legislature and You."   Jim Pfaff, radio host, was originally scheduled to moderate the panel but had a conflict and David K. Williams, President of the Colorado Libertarian Party, served as moderator [left side of panel].  State Senator Shawn Mitchell (R) [center position] and state Representative Joe Miklosi (D) [on right] discussed how the Colorado legislature functions, process of bills, and how individual citizens can be involved. 


This event was scheduled for an hour and a half so the film has been divided into 6 short segments.  Questions were taken from the audience during the last 20-30 minutes and were all very good.  The last question accepted was from Matt Arnold of Clear The Bench Colorado. 


I highly recommend watching or listening to the complete discussion. 


Part 1 of 6



Part 2 of 6



Part 3 of 6



Part 4 of 6



Part 5 of 6



Part 6 of 6






Rep. Joe Miklosi (D) from District 9; capitol phone 303-866-2910

Senator Shawn Michell (R) from District 23;  capitol phone 303-866-4876





The Colorado legislature web page referred to by the panelists is:



and refer to this handy flow chart for "How a Bill Becomes Colorado Law"






Refer to Hear Us Now at:



(303) 834-5729




Another group represented in the audience that may be of interest to the young adults (teens) is:



contact Nathaniel Marshall, President, at Nathaniel@constitutionalteens.org


I have additional contact information should someone need it.




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