Colorado Comprehensive Sex Education bill HB 13-1081 - IMPORTANT!



At the combined meeting of the Arapahoe Tea Party and the Colorado Tea Party Patriots, we heard informed information regarding the content and consequences of Colorado House Bill HB 13-1081. This bill defines the mandatory (opt-out) content of sex education for 4th grade through 12th grade students.


Attached is the bill and a document from the Heritage Foundation which details the curriculum of Comprehensive Sex Education.


This bill has a public hearing scheduled for Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. in one of the Senate hearing rooms in the state capitol. Please consider signing up to testify to get this information into the legal record. If you are unable to get in front of the committee, type your testimony and include the Heritage document. Make six copies, one for each Senator on the committee and the clerk of the committee. Ask the red-coated marshall to hand the copies to these individuals. Your testimony and the Heritage document become part of the legal testimony and record. Arrive early to have the best opportunity to speak before the committee.


If you do not want your children and grandchildren being taught hands on use of condoms and other sexual techniques and practices by a public school teacher, stand up tomorrow to say HELL No!

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Comment by W. Branstetter on March 6, 2013 at 1:53pm

For anyone who is looking for the Colorado legislature's web site:

On the left the first entry under session information is for audio/visual information.  There is video when the sessions are from the floor of either the house or senate, usually in the mornings but other times as well.  Video can also be found on Comcast Cable on channel 165.  To find the committee hearings, select the audio/video tab then select either "House Committees" or "Senate Committees."  There will be a screen that shows when committees are scheduled and if any are in session on the far right side of the row will be "Listen to Event," select that.


All of the bills can be found through the above web site and pdf is available.  Most of the bills are reasonably short, generally less than 5 pages; however, there are exceptions. 





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