CALL TO ACTION: Colorado Attorney General Petition

The following alert is copied from a message I received from another group. I recommend supporting our Colorado attorney general by signing the petition:


We learned yesterday afternoon the opposition had started a petition against AG John Suthers for filing suit against the federal government over healthcare mandates and this unconstitutional power grab -- and they had 5,000 signatures already. Jeff Crank graciously agreed to put up a petition FOR our AG on Americans For Prosperity's Colorado Chapter website. Thank you, Jeff! (to sign the petition). (If this link does not work, simply cut and paste into into your browser's window, or type it in).
Besides a quick and easy way to show (and document) our support, this will not tie up the AG's staff answering our calls/emails. Jeff plans to deliver the petition with the listing of supporters directly to AG's office "when the time is right." He will put out a press release regarding the effort and website later today Please spread the link to all your members/contacts across Colorado ASAP. Let's get well over 5,000 signatures today! Also, please consider changing the sign-off of your emails to include the website for at least the next week.
Let's show how widespread our support is for Colorado AG Suthers' courage and defense of our Constitution!

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Comment by Theresa Collins on April 5, 2010 at 9:39am
Thanks for posting. I signed and passed on a Twitter post for others to do the same.

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