A Plea For A One Day Strike on April 15, 2014

From time to time in history, governments have grown so ravenous in their theft of property and individual rights that a point is reached where it becomes necessary for people to decide whether to allow a continuing descent into slavery, or, to make known their utter disgust with the corruption of such government. America has reached that point.


Patience has marked American's actions for the past 123 years. They have individually gone about the business of survival in earning a living, raising their families, fighting their wars, attending their places of worship, and other things which decent people do to build and maintain a civilized society.


At the same time, evil doers whose only purpose in this life is the total control of the lives of their fellow citizens have infiltrated the seats of power in government and are now  transforming America into a prison of misery at a level not seen since Nazi Germany and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


Plato once wrote "…and this is tyranny, which both by stealth and by force takes that which belongs to others…" How has this government taken that which belongs to the individual? Let us examine but a few of the many assaults on private property; The Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890), the 16th Amendment (1913), and Kelo v New London (2005). The rights we had won to control and enjoy our businesses, our incomes, and our homes taken away from us under the pretense of law. To paraphrase Pogo: We have met the enemy and it is our government.


Accordingly I call upon my fellow citizens to rise in General Strike on Tuesday April 15th 2014 to show this government, in a non-violent manner, our utter contempt for their destruction of our Rights and of our children's futures and to tell them we will no longer comply. Do not: go to work, open your stores, attend school, or help them in any way with your own enslavement.


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