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It's time to get tough

We must stand strong and not allow these socialists to push us around. We need to quit allowing them to throw baseless accusations around and pin them down with the truth! I took an oath when I entered the service and I hold myself to that promise even today. I love my country and I will not let it be destroyed by evil and ignorance.…


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2020 Election

It would seem that everyone, regardless of party affiliation, would want to be sure that any election would be accurate with every legitimate registration and vote counted and any illegitimate vote or registration identified and discarded. As one who has worked in DOD IT security, what must be followed is the protocol of prevention, detection and correction. The refusal to investigate apparent fraudulent registration and voting should give no one comfort in the results of this or future…


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The Unemeployment Chaos

The continued extension of unemployment benefits bill will come to a vote in the senate again this week. This bill is estimated to cost $33.9 billion over ten years. It currently contains three elements:…


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