While I am still looking for a list of the RTD candidatesJohn Andrews has offered his "Backbone America" recommendations for some of the candidates and other ballot questions. 




For those who are not familiar with John Andrews, the biographical summary at Colorado Christian University offers some insight.  He has been instrumental in organizing the three Western Conservative Summits that have been held in metro Denver (2010, 2011, and 2012).  He is the author of a book "Responsibility Reborn:..." that may be helpful.







One additional person who I have met is Vince Chowdry who is concerned that Aurora does not have any representation on the RTD board.  Mr. Chowdry voiced other issues that would be of interest to Aurora citizens when I met him a month or so ago.  In my opinion, Mr. Chowdry is certainly worth serious consideration for the position in that district but I do not remember which one.


From District H candidates, I have talked with Kenny Mihalik via telephone.  Mr. Mihalik sounds like a very concerned yet enthusiastic candidate.  Hopefully, he will be able to introduce himself at a meeting in the near future (if we ever find a venue).


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