From the Colorado Secretary of State web site, the official list for the 2012 primary is:


map of U.S. congressional districts (hopefully this is correct):


The lists below show the incumbent representative last.


U.S. House District 1


For Colorado's U.S. congressional seat for District 1, the incumbent representative Diana DeGette (16 years) is challenged by Danny Stroud who has recently served as the Chairman of the Denver County GOP.  Danny Stroud is running with the question "Do you regret DeGette?"  Learn more about Danny Stroud at his web site.  There is another Republican candidate listed, Richard W. Murphy.


U.S. House District 2


Two Republican candidates are in the primary for District 2 to compete against the incumbent Rep. Jared Polis.  Senator Kevin Lundgren and businessman Eric Weissmann are in the primary battle for the position to contest Rep. Polis.


U.S. House District 4


In District 4 the Republican incumbent Cory Gardner is challenged by Douglas C. Aden (American Constitution Party) and Brandon Shaffer (Democrat).  The boundaries for District 4 were changed considerably during the redistricting after the 2010 federal census and the district now includes some of the areas that had been included in the previous District 6 boundary.  Some parts of Arapahoe County may now be represented by Mr. Gardner


U.S. House District 6


In District 6 the Republican incumbent Mike Coffman is challenged by Joe Miklosi who served in the Colorado legislature.  This district had the boundaries severely changed during recent redistricting to make the district "more competitive."


U.S. House District 7


American Constitution Party candidate Doug "Dayhorse" Campbell and Republican candidate Joe Coors are the candidates in District 7 against incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter.  Mr. Campbell appeared on the 2010 ticket with Tom Tancredo for the governor position.  The SOS list does not show a web site for Mr. Campbell and Google is not showing it near the top.



District 3 and District 5 candidates can be found on the SOS list and fall outside the immediate area for the Arapahoe County Tea Party.  If someone sees a need to add the inforamation, please advise.







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