I don't recall posting before on the Zimmerman trial, and may not again. But, right now, I don't understand why I am not hearing outrage from the Hispanic community against the civil rights witch hunt and race baiting being called for and implemented by black leaders such as Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jerkson, Al NotsoSharpton, and promoted by a host of Democrats and media elites of all persuasions. Zimmerman is as "white" (1/2) as Obama is. Apparently based upon the standards used by people who care to assess such things, Zimmerman is also black based upon his black great-grandfather. And he is certainly Hispanic. Yet, unless I'm missing it, silence from that community.

The FBI interviewed 30-40 people trying to find race bias in Zimmerman's background, and instead found mentoring and friendships and history of positive interactions by Zimmerman with black children and other black individuals. Jerkson and NotsoSharpton get away with calling the tragic shooting of Treyvon Martin "murder," unchallenged by their elitist interviewers, and almost no one seems to care that black-on-black crime is slaughtering inner-city youths every single day.

I wish for the day that we all stand up for Americans regardless of ethnicity, the end of hyphenated Americanism, and the MLK ideal of judging one by the content of their character. But, I reject outright the efforts to foment race battles by political operatives for electoral and other reasons, and despise and decry those who act as though the United States of America is the same today with regards to race relations as it was 100 or even 50 years ago. I will shout just as loudly that it is simply not so, so long as I have a voice. The difference is, I will be factually and morally right, and the race-baiters and political operatives will be factually and morally repugnant, and wrong.

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