What is your opinion about "Strategic Voting" for the 2018 primaries?


Democrats have been meddling in Republican primaries for years. They even donated a half million dollars to Dan Maes which helped him win the Republican primary. They have always known how valuable it is to be able to choose one’s opponent. It’s time for Republicans to start dealing from the deck the Democrats keep stacking.

In 2016, voters approved the terrible, Proposition 108, which allows unaffiliated electors to vote in a major party’s primary without being a member.

Just like same-day voter registration and all mail-in ballots, Prop 108 is another in a long line of initiatives Democrats have concocted to keep helping them win. They certainly don’t spend millions to change our election laws so we can win!

Republicans need to give Democrats a taste of their own medicine.

This is the perfect year for Republicans to start fighting strategically. First, the governor’s race is a must-win due to re-districting. Second, Democrats have competitive primaries in three of the four statewide races. That rarely happens. Two, possibly three of our statewide candidates will be running unopposed. That rarely happens!

Here’s the strategy and it’s easier than pinning a tail on a donkey: Until May 29th, you can become unaffiliated online: (www.GoVoteColorado.com) or by calling your county clerk’s office. After the primary, you can change back the same way. This entitles you to receive BOTH Democrat and Republican primary ballots. Watch the campaigns progress and see how they battle for your vote. Primary day is June 26.

You can still choose to vote in the Republican primary, or cast your vote for the weakest slate of Democrats. This could help all Republicans in the general election—a lot!  The ballot you send in is the one that will be counted. It’s that simple.

Of course, not everyone will like this idea or choose to participate. That’s fine too.
We never march in lock step. We’re Republicans!

Not surprisingly, I have opinions about who are the weakest Democrat candidates—particularly in the gubernatorial race. There will be plenty of time to talk about it. 
For now, let’s take advantage of every opportunity we have to win in this critical election and let’s encourage our friends to do the same.

If you like this idea or have questions, I could use some help to spread the word. You can find my e-mail address and phone number at my web site: www.KarenKataline.com 

I look forward to hearing from you. 
Thanks for your help and may we all work together for victory in November!

Karen Kataline

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