Vote in Person or Drop Off Your Mail In Ballot by 7 p.m. tomorrow Tues, Nov. 8th, 2022

Hello ATP,

Hope everyone has had ample time to get involved in our mid-term elections. It certainly is important to be active right now.  I'm dealing with apathy in some of my own family members. They say, 'my vote doesn't count anyway', but of course that's exactly playing into the oppositions' hands, right?  

If you are in precinct 377, Randy Collins & I have signed up to be precinct leaders for our precinct.  We've been able to help with Steven Monahan's campaign, both door knocking & phone calling.  And I have a special place in my heart for the State Board of Education seats, with Molly Lamar and Dan Maloit. While we did receive Molly's campaign materials, we were unable to get our hands on several candidates materials from our Arapahoe GOP; but we distributed what we did receive. 

These last few days, we've had experience in Poll Watching and took all the required training for both the Secretary of State and the Arapahoe GOP. Poll Watching has been interesting and depending on the location, a new experience each time we change venues - which is great, because each place is set up a bit differently.   

Hoping all the ATP members will get out and vote.

Lastly, it does appear there are several needs post-election if anyone is available and still wants to help.  Just contact the Arapahoe Election judge at You can talk to John Lamb who is in charge there.  

In freedom!

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