If Dan Maes has so many supporters why does he have so little money compared to Tom Tancredo




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Keith Ulmer said:
The question for the minority party (R) people, who support Dan, is if the current slide continues will they still vote for Dan or will they make it count against the Hick and vote for Tom? It's up to them.

I have been trying to say that for weeks. I said (When Tancredo was lower in the polls) That everyone should watch the polls and make the right choice just to avoid Hickenlooper as governor. So I hope some Maes supporters will reconsider their choice at this time.
You guys will see the light someday.
Fred. How does a conclusory, judgmental statement like this further the discussion? What do you know, besides the fact that you like Dan Maes, that makes the fast-growing group of Tancredo supporters so wrong? I'm a firm believer in the put up or shut up rule of debate and persuasion. What else 'ya got?

Fredrick Lindner said:
You guys will see the light someday.
I don't see a debate here.

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