Randy Corporon debate with Fred Ebert on 850 KOA re: the Constitution, Obamadon'tcare and More

Fred Ebert, Stump the Professor, 850 KOA


Fred Ebert, noted local physicist and radio talk show host gave me about 20 minutes on KOA to discuss the Constitution with him. Included are debates on the 3/5the person clause, Obamadon'tcare, originalism, comments on the Tea Party and other items of interest to geeks like me. Fred is terrific and generous with time. Comments welcomed and appreciated as I work to refine arguments designed to assist in ensuring that Barack Odrama is a one-term president.

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That was a good debate, but it strikes me that even though you knew what you wanted to say that you were at a disadvantage when you were not allowed to comment fully on a topic.  The transition may not be as smooth as I have observed you in the past.  I wonder if the possible distraction was the "driving" you referenced or the radio host.  I do not usually listen to 850 KOA so this Fred Ebert is a new person to listen to.


Have you listened to the Cari and Rob Show podcasts?  I noticed them on a Greeley radio station, but they are out of the Steamboat Springs area.  Check them out:




Thanks for the feedback, Wilma.  Certainly there are time and host constraints on topics, and I was going through a drive-thru and managing several bags along the way!  All things considered, I thought Fred was generous in the time allowed for comments and exchange.  He says he's a Conservative, which I didn't get from his Constitution comments, but I haven't heard him on other non-science topics, so don't know.  Since he's a college professor, his view of Conservatism could emanate from a left-leaning starting point.  I will take him at his word and am grateful to have a college professor willing to proclaim himself a Conservative.


Thanks again! 

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