Have you seen the survey results at http://www.teapartypatriotsdenver.org/ . Denver is not the only Tea Party supporting Tom Tancredo.

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Looks like an internal straw poll conducted between the membership of the Denver Tea Party Patriots. Current membership at 71 members. Turn out of the votes taken could be 10 to 20 members. How was this poll conducted and can you post it.
And check out the brand new Rasmussen poll: Hickenlooser flat and down to 42%, Tanc surging at 38%, and Maes nearing single digits. Click here: Election 2010: Colorado Governor - Rasmussen Reports™ (http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/e...).

The remaining Maes loyalists can swing this election to the proven conservative who has established he can win and will govern like the coservative Republican he has always been.

Bob Beauprez will be at the Stampede Saturday 4-6 pm for a rally supporting Tom Tancredo for Governor. Please join me along with Cong Mike Coffman, former Cong Bob Schaffer Joel Hefley, Marilyn Musgrave; Also Jon Caldera, Dan Caplis, Michelle Malkin, Mike Rosen;State Sen.Mike Kopp, Greg Brophy, Ted Harey, Shawn Mitchell, Josh Penry; State Reps Cheri Gerou, Kent Lambert, Marsha Looper, Spender Swalm Cindy Acree, and others, including ME. Come on gang, jump aboard.

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