I know I saw that there was a rally July 2nd at the statehouse - but now I don't have notice.

Anyone know the time.  Let me know if I am just dreaming this up on my own!~ 

Also, everytime I try to log in to ATP and type in my email address and "click" it when it appears magically, my password automatically appears - BUT when i try to log in - it says password not valid.

This happens everytime i try to access ATP and I am constantly changing my password.

Don't understand since the password "dots" appear automatically.  So, what is the problem?Whoever is in charge of email addressess and passwords - please help so I can keep the same password.  thanks, karen

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Yes, there was an event scheduled for July 2 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Capitol.  It looks like the event has been removed from the events list.  I have made an inquiry to the person who posted it and hopefully will have some news on that for you.


Regarding the password problem I am tech-challenged so I will ask one of the guys to follow up on that.  They are at the Western Conservative Summit this weekend so it may be later this weekend or so.


Wilma B.


Thanks for your response.  It is appreciated! 

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