QUESTION: What can Tom Tancredo DO or SAY to get Dan Maes supporters to vote for him?

I know I'm going to get some comments condeming me for asking this question or belittling Tom but I'm hoping that I might get some constructive comments as well that may give some ATP members something to think about. 



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Who is Tom Tancredo and why would anybody vote for him? I thought Hickenpooper was the Democratic Candidate and Dan Maes is the Republican Candidate, thats a simple enough choice.
For starters, Tom can apologize to Dan directly about the open slander that his supporters have done to him and his family. A heart fealt and sincere condemnation of all of the hear-say items of media spin and background cherry picking. That above all things would need to be amended!

Tom is fully aware of the millions of campaign dollars that were drifted past Colorado becouse of his third party candidacy. National Governors race funding and Nation Tea Party groups were ready to pony up the media time to defeat Hicken-ritter.

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