January 23, 2010



Script for calling the phone list


Objective: To increase the number of members in the Arapahoe Tea Party membership, so that we are an effective group that represents those with like-minded values in our community and can affect change in our country on a state and federal level.

Complete the list by calling at times you will most likely reach the individual personally. Calling between 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. is ideal. Complete your calling by the next ATP meeting (Jan. 30, 2010).


Arapahoe Tea Party MISSION STATEMENT: Dedicated to holding both political parties accountable. We're reclaiming our country, starting with this county!


I’m ____________________, and am a neighbor of yours in Arapahoe County. Recently I’ve decided to get involved with a non-partisan organization, The Arapahoe Tea Party. This organization is "Dedicated to holding both Political Parties Accountable. We're Reclaiming our Country, Starting with this County!"

We really need your involvement if we are to make progress in restoring fiscal responsibility, candidates with integrity to office and if we are to elect those who will truly represent their constituency and allow us to have a voice. Are you willing to help by becoming involved, or do you have any questions?


At this point, I’d let the person you’re speaking with give a response. They’ll probably have more questions on how to get involved or to decide if they want to get involved. See some of the talking points below that you might anticipate them asking.


Talking points:

We meet about every 3 weeks at various locations: Homes, libraries, coffee shops. There is no cost to join.

There are no elected officers; only volunteer positions.

No need to have special skills, but if you do, please share what you are most interested in helping with. We are all about matching talents to those tasks ahead.

Some of the efforts we have been involved with: Tax day tea party at the capitol building, calling congressional members to give our opinions about various bills being presented either before the State or Federal government. Some members serve on committees to help get us connected with other groups outside Arapahoe County who also are hoping to achieve similar goals.

At most events we have guest candidates who wish to address our group and allow us the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about their values, viewpoints and what solutions they plan to implement.

The Arapahoe Tea Party uses NING social network to communicate with members. It allows us to post events, post blogs, chat with one another. It has videos which support and educate the general public to become more involved in politics rather than to sit idle and complain about how bad things are.

How can you help? JOIN US! Go to www.arapahoeteaparty.com and become a member.

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I could not get the rest of the message to fit however I would always recommend to be courteous and gracefull like a telemarketer. Most likely you will not get a response or willingness to participate.
Thanks, but the people who volunteered asked to have something, so this is a start. I called some numbers tonight. Two had changed, but one was a woman, whose husband is on my list. I explained why I was calling, and she said she didn't think he would want to talk right now. Well, I asked when I could call back and reach him and she started talking to me. She said she is having surgery tomorrow. Please pray for Coke (Colleen) Governski. I did not ask about her medical condition which required surgery, but told her I'd be praying for her. She said, as she was about to hang up, "oh yes, I agree with the Tea Party." I responded, maybe we should be talking to you? I said I'd check in with her Wed. of next week.
Phone calls are going well some are wrong #'s or disconnected #'s; however having great conversations love that they showing interest.
keep it up Susan. Did you ever connect with Howard's wife again? She seemed like she would be willing to make calls if she had the script and I think she said she can actually memorize it. That's not required of course, once she contacts a few people,she would probably make it her own anyway. Let me know if you've been able to reconnect with her. Thanks!

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