I just wanted to share this with all of you.  I read the story in the post today about Robert Ramirez, the lone Latino Republican in the Colorado house who voted against a Senate bill letting illegal immigrant students get in-state tuition.  I thought he should be thanked so I sent him an email thanking him for putting the state first and not political correctness first and wanted him to know that there are people that stand with him.  To my surprise he answered me and thanked me for taking the time to thank him.  According to the paper he has gotten  "tons" of angry email from Latinos.  If you want to thank him also this is his email address:  robert.ramirez.house@state.co.us

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Good idea; thanks for posting. It is important to support the good works done by our legislators.

Thank you for posting.  I have sent him a note of appreciation also.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I will do this. 


In state tuition is directly tied to the College Opportunity Fund.


On another note:  Many private colleges are taking advantage of this money, by charging an outrageous amount of money after the "free" money.  These private colleges also choose students that won't finish the program, leaving more money to line the pockets of the big cats. Students are left with a huge debt.  The same or better education can be achieved at a public school.  Private schools should be PRIVATE schools.  Public schools should be PUBLIC school.  Our tax dollars should reflect this. 


I would really like to see one of our legislatures address this matter.


I don't agree that our taxes should be benefiting anyone's college education.  And I strongly disagree that private enterprise should be taking advantage of our tax dollars. 

Thanks for posting this Joyce and for the suggestion to contact Rep. Ramirez.

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