How to copy upcoming Events/ Creating an Event Invitaions to all members

Here is the procedures to follow for creating an event and sending the invitations to the members as an RSVP.  Also keep in mind that you will want to post and invite members about 7-20 days prior to the event so that members have a chance to catch the e-mail and check scheduling.  I like to send a reminder event posting about 3 days ahead of time to also improve turnout.


Step One:  At the top of our site's main page is a tab for EVENTS, click this.

Step Two:  Near the top right of this page is an icon +add an event, click this.

Step Three:  Fill out all of the pertaining information.  Pay very close attention to the date and times calendar.  This icon and selection process has been a little difficult to maintain accurate information and if you do put the wrong info our members will show up at the wrong day or time.  I prefer to use cut and paste from an e-mail for the content however feel free to enter the event data in your own words.  Also pay close attention to language filters.  If you enter words that have sales or currency context you may get a filter pop-up.  Try to keep your wording general in terms of these things.  I also like to have links to reference sources or map-quest if they are available.  Include these in the content section.

Step Four:  At the bottom of the event creation page, after you have entered every part of the data needed, there is a tag titled ADD EVENT, click this.

Step Five:  Event broadcasting page:  You will get a summary of the event and you can also import other links from twitter or face-book.  At the bottom of this page is a line tag titled INVITE ALL MEMBERS, click this.  You do not have to enter a comment when prompted.

Step Six:  On the right center of the page, just below the comment prompt is a tag titled SEND INVITATIONS, click this.

Step Seven:  Sit back and wait for people to RSVP.  You can check your own email for confirmation that the Events being posted and broadcast to members.


I hope this helps and see you again soon.

Fredrick Lindner

District Captain #17

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