How about if we try using this forum as a way to discuss past ATP events - sort of a way to have electronic, participatory minutes. We can add discussions to an event itself, but that goes away once the event is in the past. This way, those who were able to attend can post their thoughts/observations, and those who weren't able to attend can still know what went on. I will also start a forum discussion for non-ATP events, in hopes of keeping things organized.

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Monthly meeting, Aug. 2, 2011, Smoky Hill Library.


Attendees: 19 - please see "featured" members.


Thank you to all who came! I'm sorry everyone did not get a chance to talk. Sometimes the best ideas come from the quietest people. Perhaps you can all help me to make sure everyone gets a chance to share at the next meeting - our version of "show and tell"? Maybe our monthly meeting format should be to have one speaker, then save at least one hour to give everyone a chance to talk - divide up the hour by number of people present and that is the per person time limit?


I'm a little burned out from typing by now, so everyone please feel free to comment and fill in the details of the meeting.,

It seems like a good idea to use the "Forum" to post the minutes and comments about the meetings with the caveat that the date be referenced in the title.  Please note that comments can be added to the events as well.  Just because the event disappears from the home page at the end of that day does not mean that it completely disappears.  Under the "Events" (same for "Blog" and "Forum") to the right of the "+ Add" there is "View All."  Click on "View All" to access a page that shows the current month and further down the page other calendars from which one can access "previous" months or "next" months.  Click on dates that are highlighted in "red" to find the events announced and access the comments. 


It is possible that comments added later may not appear on the home page in the recent additions list, but it is a way to add to comments keeping information together or copy information from the previous events.  If "Forum" discussions are the way to go, perhaps when the discussion is started someone could add a link from that discussion page to the comments section of the "Event"--just a thought.




I commend Andy Peth for his presentation and everyone who attended and joined in the lively discussion of Andy's idea about trying to take back the word "Choice."   Andy's web site "" is one of the links on the home page.  His message would go very well with the message Kevin Miller presents in his book Freedom Nationally, Virtue Locally or Socialism.  (I recommend the book and if you have a chance to hear Kevin, he is a local speaker.)


It was nice of Jay Ledbetter with the Arapahoe County GOP to stop by.


There were several new people and some who have not had a chance to join us for a while.  It was good to see all.






1.  For the September 6 meeting, Room A at Smoky Hill Library has been reserved from 6:30-9:00 p.m.


2.  The meeting rooms are not available for either the October 4 or the November 1 (first Tuesday) dates.  A speaker (Mark Hillman) has been scheduled for October 4 so we are in search of someplace that can accommodate a large attendance--suggestions helpful.  November 1 is also election day for the local elections and the library is a polling place.





Good points, Wilma.


What does everyone think we should do for the Nov. meeting? Cancel, or have a different day?


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