Hello, Before anyo ne thinks I am in agreement with Sen. Udall, let me reassure you I'm not. I am on Sen. Udall's email list (he's my Senator, too). Occasionally, he sends out information on his views that I find very troubling. The below is one. I 1) don't trust the EPA 2) don't trust the U.N. 3) don't believe that anthropogenic global warming is a certainty 4) think we need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, but not at the expense of ruining our economy.

I would be curious to hear your opinions on Sen. Udall's email.

Also, if there is an area of special interest to any of you, please feel free to become an "issue analyst" for this group. I am more interested in health care, so for example, don't follow issues such as the one below very closely. It would be good to have an "analyst" for each issue, who perhaps could alert the rest of us as to when we should "make some noise," i.e. let our legislators know our opinions. I sincerely believe that we need to unite our voices at times, to be heard more effectively. Perhaps I will set up a twitter account. If Iran can have a "twitter revolution" we should be able to also, right?




Cathy --

Click here to sign the petition!

In his State of the Union address, President Obama laid out an inspiring vision: a vision of our economy rejuvenated by a clean energy revolution, our country freed from the dangerous addiction to foreign oil, and our world and environment in better shape than we found it -- ready to be passed on to a new generation.

Sadly, some of my colleagues in Congress don't like President Obama's vision.

Last week, anti-environment legislators introduced bills to restrict the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to regulate carbon -- legislation that flies in the face of directives from the U.S. Supreme Court and threatens our progress toward a clean energy future. I need your help to make sure they don't pass.

I'll be delivering a petition to the chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Senator Barbara Boxer, at the end of the month, and we need it to be a strong statement of opposition to these bills. Can you help?

Click here to sign my petition to the committee members -- and tell them to vote NO on anti-environment legislation!

The bills -- one brought forth by Senator James Inhofe and Representative Fred Upton, the other by Senator John Barrasso -- have one goal: making sure the EPA doesn't have the means to regulate the pollution that is being pumped into the atmosphere. They claim it's about jobs, but what they're really doing is allowing big polluters and their lobbyists to write their own rules, keep polluting the air we breathe, and keep failing to innovate for the future.

Short version: We need to stop this legislation in its tracks.

Click here to sign my petition to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee -- and tell them to vote NO on anti-environment legislation!

This is a fight we can win. Both of these bills will be coming up for a hearing in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and there will be tremendous pressure on committee members from well-funded anti-environment interests to give them a free pass.

But with your help, we can show the committee that Americans all over the country support a sensible policy that allows the EPA to do its job and protect our citizens from dangerous greenhouse gases, and doesn't reward dirty industries that would rather lobby Congress than look to the future.

Click here to sign my petition to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee -- and tell them to vote NO on anti-environment legislation!

Thank you for joining me in this fight. I will be sure to follow up with you throughout this Congress as we work both to move sensible environmental policies forward and defend against attacks on the progress we've made.


Mark Udall
U.S. Senator

P.S. Once you've signed the petition, don't forget to forward this message on to your family and friends who care about our nation's clean energy future!

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The Udall email is remarkable, Cathy.  The EPA wishes to do through regulation by unelected bureaucrats what the Obama administration was unable to pass as legislation through Congress. 

Udall refers to "regulating carbon."  What does he mean?  Carbon dioxide!  The gas we all exhale and that trees convert to oxygen.  The Supreme Court guidelines he talks about do not authorize the regulation of CO2.  It is a back door way to get to Cap and Tax, and another way to massively increase the power, size and scope of this out-of-control Federal Government. 

The EPA is also attempting to regulate dust on farms, methanol from flatulent farm animals, and, because milk contains some kind of oil, require dairy farmers to have contingency plans for massive milk spills. 



Constitutional conservatives do not, can not and will not govern this way.  Find them, support them and elect them.

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