Frederick -   I wish I could help with Ed Purlmutter but I am a precinct leader here in Centennial , put out educational emails to friends and neighbors, financially support many candidates, put out yard signs, planning a "tea party" here at my home in the next few weeks,  support Spencer Swalm running for his third term for Colo statehouse , volunteer at the Arapahoe County republican office, etc, etc. etc.  I have asked neighbors and friends to help out with various things like "adopt a  Arapahoe county precinct" where they have no precinct leaders, go with me to make calls at the Victory office, and on and on --   NO LUCK!  The silence is deafening.   I know your frustration!  The apathy is unreal - especially in this most critical election in our lifetime.

But we must keep believing and working and that is what I plan to do. I wish you well in finding those six  to ten dedicated people.     


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I share your frustration Karen. During all of the outrage of last year I knew that only a handfull of the people screaming would participate in anything substantive outside of rallies. I wonder how the left can motivate their members to do things and then I remember.... they don't. They pay professional activists to do the sign waving and such. If I were even a fraction more successfull at my career and not struggling to raise a family I would ponder paying volunteers some money to help.

As far as the Ed Perlmutter team building we are half way there and I will continue to call for aid and over the next couple of weeks we will get the mission completed.

Good luck with your end and keep at the Victory office. They have a really good strategy.
BTW, this forum was started in reply to a call for volunteers to help research the background of Ed Perlmutter. Not finding volunteers to help his campaign.
I would like for all further communication on this matter to remain private in private messages until our press release please. To send someone a message, just click on their tile or picture. On the left side is a tile named "Send Message"

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