Dan, how do want to be remembered?  It's simple, if Hickenlooper wins you will be not be remembered well, regardless of all the rhetoric one way or the other. 


You've given a big part of your life to this campaign and you are a good person, but the reality is that you have no chance of winning. The Republican party does not own you, but most importantly does not want Hickenllper to win.  That's the delima with only you as the person who can make a real difference.


If you do the noble thing, in your own self interest, please drop out of the race and support Tom. In this way you will be remembered honorably, if not a hero, otherwise you will hardly be remembered at all and then only in a very negative way.  It's that simple, and it's your choice. 


Spoken as a friend who really appreciates your time and emotional commitment.



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You are exactly right. I do not know election law, but wonder if people could help Dan retire campaign debt with donations in appreciation for his help in electing Tom Tancredo. Does anyone know how that works? I, too, was a strong supporter of Dan's, and asked Tom via email to not do what he did. But, Dan did not make it through the decimation of his campaign or show the leadership to keep it together. Tom was right, and he is now surging. The Colorado legislature will turn red again this year. Imagine what can be accomplished with a strong and sympathetic governor.

I am excited to see more people posting and commenting. Where are the other 190 or so of you?
If Dan Maes got out of the race NOW and it was legal, I would contribute $25 to help pay off his campaign debt.

If Dan Maes did drop out NOW and supported TANC, he would be seen as a hero among 75% or more (38 +12 = 50 38/50 = 76 ) of the Colorado conservatives.

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