It pains me to have to edit content on this site for any reason so let me give some tips and pointers to writing.


The first thing you need to understand is you need to have a beginning a middle and an end.  I like to know what it is that I will write about first and have the ending sort of planned however you can compose however you like.  BUT BE FOCUSED.  If you want to talk about two topics have two discussions.  BE CLEAR about what to do and give the reader some idea of a path that can be followed.  If you want anyone to read your article with thoughtfullness then please include some links to sites and try to keep the article brief.


Second thing and one that will be inforced is the language used.  If you refer to anyone, anything, or belief as something of "evil" that must be cleansed or dealt with you will be first flagged and have your content deleted.  I will respond and tell you why.  If you continue to resort to this type of mechanism I will have you removed from the site.  This can also go for obsessive swearing or baseless accuasations.


I hope that this does not become of any further issues.

Thank you

Fredrick Lindner

ATP Coordinator


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...anyone read this?...
What exactly would you define as baseless accusations?

Please give us some clearer posting rules?

Are links to websites and news articles acceptable even if you think those articles /websites are posting what you MIGHT THINK are baseless accusations?

It seems that some addressed members from Korea and China have logged onto the site and began using the site to spam.  I also had some issues with a computer program attempting to log on to the email site.


Members please use the above format and content use guidelines so that in the future we can keep the site a little more secure from Spam.

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