Arapahoe TEA Party: Teaming up with other Liberty Groups for the up coming election!

The Arapahoe TEA Party is teaming up with other Liberty centric groups in the area to help reach out to unaffiliated voters to help deliver Arapahoe County to the Republican party in as many city, county, state and national elected offices as we can.  We believe that Arapahoe County plays a pivotal role in the return of Conservative values and guidance to our elected offices.  The R Block Party is spearheading a movement to reach out to the unaffiliated and undecided voter, and the Arapahoe TEA Party is proud to be a part of these outreach efforts.  If you have previously signed up at a TEA party meeting, and checked the box that said you were willing to be more involved, now is the time.  
The R Block party has released the following, plan of action, which will be followed up shortly with a calender of events we will be asking volunteers to sign up for:
R Block Party

A Momentous Day, a Momentous Decision.  The Supreme Court's decision today makes our path crystal clear.   Will you stand down, or will you fight back?  Winning in November is more important than ever.

Join us in our mission to Deliver Arapahoe County.  We know that Arapahoe County is pivotal to winning Colorado and we know that winning Colorado is pivotal to winning the country.  Never has "all politics is local" been more true.

How do we do that?

We are partnering with other Conservative & Republican organizations across Arapahoe County to go out into the community to be a positive, welcoming influence at street fairs, community concerts and parades.

We will be handing out American flag bumper stickers, fans, bubbles and other giveaways that show our love and commitment to our country.  The key to winning Arapahoe County is outreach to the unaffiliated voters that will swing our county & swing the state.

How you can you help?
1. We are assembling teams of folks to attend fun, local events.
The calendar of events will run from July through October.
Sign up with us to get on an email list of upcoming events.
We will provide American Flag t-shirts to wear and giveaways.
There will be prizes for highest participation!

2. Attend a training workshop on effective messaging Saturday, July 14th, 9:30-12:30 at Koebel Library with Christine Burtt.
If you are working a campaign, a precinct leader, helping our outreach effort or just want to be a positive influence in your neighborhood, DON'T MISS THIS WORKSHOP!
Please RSVP to secure a space.

This is our home. These are our neighbors.
Let's welcome them to our side.

R Block Party meetings will be suspended for the summer
so that we can put all of our energy into this effort.

Questions? Contact us:

Nikki Mata: 303-770-5533
Lori Horn: 303-777-3600
Susie McKinney: 303-257-7171

Or you can contact:  Steven Haworth: 303-725-6904 

                             or Wilma Branstetter
This is a call for help from the membership of the Arapahoe TEA Party! 

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