An excerpt from Kaiser Health News mentioning Health Insurance Exchanges

Now on Kaiser Health News' blog, Vermont Public Radio's Bob Kinzel, working in partnership with KHN and NPR, reports: "Vermont is the only state in the nation on a path to a single payer health system. That could take a while, though. And in the meantime, the state has to set up an insurance exchange to comply with the Affordable Care Act" (Kinzel, 8/27). Check out what else is on the blog.

What I read into this excerpt, is that Insurance Exchanges are an impediment to a single payer health system. While in general I am a huge supporter of the way Kaiser does business, a brief perusal of their health news site seems rather Left leaning. They also had some information posted about Paul Ryan's views on health care. While they seemed to imply they were harmful, I very much support what he proposes. Healthcare needs to be more market driven with the consumers in the drivers seat, not insurance companies, employers or especially, the government! (If this seems contrary to my lack of objection to government sponsored Health Insurance Exchanges, I don't see it that way. The mess in healthcare in this country took decades to get into, and will take decades to fix. HIEs are a means to an end, in my opinion)

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