Written in response to a friend and fellow patriot dissatisfied with the Republican choices for presidential nominee, and willing to vote third party or stay home. Posted here for broader consumption and comment:

"I'm not looking for a revolution. Anyone who allows a vote for Obama to go unchecked by voting for anyone other than the Republican nominee, whether we love him or not, is either waiting on, counting on or hoping for revolution, or, has given up on saving the country peacefully and simply wants to be right. 

Neither you, me, nor David have faced in our lifetimes an opportunity like this to more emphatically halt the Leftist march with a single vote, even one that may be distasteful. Obama and Obamacare must go. The rest, there remains some (though not a lot of) time for. 

People are reading and studying the constitution, liberty groups are growing and organizing, books like Ameritopia by Mark Levin are number one best sellers across the country, Grassroots Radio Colorado is a year old and growing stronger. Young people are seeing the results of vacuous Obama promises and, if they even have a job, the results of high taxation. 

But, it takes time. We first have to stop the worst president in history, and the one with the greatest opportunity to change what it means to be American forever.

Please keep thinking this through. RBC"

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Kim, excellent points.  

I am remembering November, 2010, noticing that we are writing to each other on a Tea Party web site, and am working on influencing the Republican Party from all sides, especially the ground up.  

The Republican Party needs to be reminded of, and held to, its principles, and the Tea Party needs to not give up the possible in its pursuit of the perfect.  The corruption and drift from Constitutional principles didn't happen overnight.  It won't correct overnight, either.  But, correct it we will.  We are learning, growing, and acting.  

The next step must remain the removal from power of Obama and his minions.  Failure to do so could kill our movement and, more importantly, kill the America we believe in.  It's that serious.  I will vote for the R.  No doubt about it.

Well spoken argument, I have seem people gambling on bad outcomes to the point of hoping for them.  These are not good decisions to be made by rational people.  Our only chance is to remove Obama legally through election.

Just think about what happened in the last elections with a third party candidate. What happened? A Democrat got elected. Do we really want to take that chance again? Not me. I don't care who the R is, I will not vote any other way. It's the only way. Corrections can be made later.

Right on Frederick and Edwin!

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