To preserve a free U.S., drink Tea, not Kool-Aid!

Below is an email sent by me to a friend who is a member of the Elbert County Tea Party in response to his invite to their next meeting.


Thanks for passing this along - looks like a great program! Unfortunately, I plan to be in Ohio then. Others, am passing this along in case you are interested in going - especially the "live fire combat shooting class." I'll handle the activism, right up until the shooting/violence starts then I 'll provide Florence Nightingale services!  I would much prefer for combat training to be just insurance - something that is never needed but a show of strength as a deterrent to a takeover by a tyrannical federal government.

Jack, wasn't it interesting in the movie, "Agenda" that they pointed out that every dictator (Lenin/Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Venezuela guy) has come to power promising "change for the people" and has promoted class and race warfare? Sound familiar to what is going on now? We met a guy who has been a long-term member of the Birch society - says they were the first Tea Partiers - makes sense to me. The premise of the movie is that the changes in our society (breakdown of morality/family, takeover of the schools and media, elimination or at least minimizing the power of Christianity - communists don't allow religion for a reason - dangerous for people to think their rights come from God, versus the government) has not been coincidence, but rather an Agenda by Progressives started at least as early as the 1930s to cause a revolution and takeover of society from within, versus having to resort to military power. The movie is a true horror story as it is extremely frightening that the Agenda is almost complete - they've accomplished many of their goals. (Jack and I plan to buy a copy of the movie, then start inviting people over for "dinner and a movie." I don't agree with everything in the movie, but think it is worthwhile watching.)

My projection from here is that the final step in the plan is to bring the U.S. down economically. Once the economy is in shambles, it will be easy for the Federal government to step in and impose martial law to "protect people." When Obama was first elected, I thought the similarities between him and Castro were frightening, but I tried to dismiss my fears as irrational. This movie confirmed my fears, although I still fervently hope I am wrong. At a recent Tea Party meeting I met a lady who had emigrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union because the U.S. was the "last bastion of freedom in the world." She now wonders what will happen when even a free U.S. is gone. And we thought the Democratic Blueprint to take over Colorado was scary - peanuts to takeover of the whole world! I must be nuts, to see this fight as not just to save the U.S., but the whole world, right? Please, someone point out how I'm wrong.

For my part, I will do what I can to prevent economic chaos caused by the U.S. going bankrupt, which is really close to happening if action is not taken, starting NOW. Although not perfect, I'm going to pin my hopes on Congressman Paul Ryan's "Blueprint for America" which is a plan to restore fiscal sanity. It will take decades and some pain, but there really is no alternative if the U.S. is to remain a free nation.  (How do I end up turning a quick response into a philosophical debate? I guess these are the things rattling around in my brain all the time. Maybe I should start drinking Kool-Aid instead of Tea so I can sleep at night!)

Sens. Udall and Bennett are hosting a meeting on the budget on Friday - I am signed up to go. My idea is to present them with a petition, signed by as many people as I can get, to simply support Cong. Ryan's plan. The stumbling block at the Federal level is the Democratically controlled Senate. I believe Coloradans can best be effective by encouraging our two Senators to "make history" by becoming part of the solution versus the problem. Long shot I know, but again, I don't see a better alternative. It won't help to threaten to vote them out of office - we don't have that much time.



“Elbert County Conservative Breakfast Association – April”  

8:00am - 9:30am, Saturday, April 23, 2011 Exhibit Hall - Elbert County Fairgrounds 



“The Owner’s Perspective on the NFL Labor Strike”  Fred Flemming, Director of Special Services, Denver Broncos

Mr. Flemming is a former pro football player and has been with the Denver Broncos organization for 19 seasons.  He has been a colleague, friend and associate of Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen for 43 years. 


“The American Family at a Crossroads”  Tom Minnery,  Senior Vice President, Focus on the Family

Breakfast to be catered by Chris Vann 10 per person, $5 Students & Children  Invite a Friend! 

Sound system provided by Elbert County Republican Rick Vaught - Mark IV, a Contemporary Christian band,  

RSVP:  To attend, contact Carole Mitchell at (303) 646-0425 or

We thank you for your continued support and donations to the ECCO!


Following the Breakfast (Optional):   A live-fire Combat Shooting Class, Instructor – Mike Holler,  Cost - $60, Shoot will be held at a local ranch 2 miles from the Fairgrounds.  Questions?  Contact Mike at (719) 440-5412 or at

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