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Has the Tea Party inadvertantly helped Obama?

Just had an awful thought. Was reading a report about the coming "Fiscal Cliff" that will occur after the election when the "Bush Era Tax Cuts" are allowed to expire, and the mandated cuts forced by the Tea Party as a result of the debt ceiling fight will take effect.Every time Obama uses the line about taxing "millionaires and billionaires", do you think he silently thanks the Tea Party for electing a Republican House of Representatives that stopped him from doing so? If he had been able to…


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New Chairperson needed

Hello all,


In the last few weeks my life has changed dramatically. I got accepted into a Master's Certificate program at Univ. of Colorado, which contributed to being accepted for a new job at Gunnison Valley Hospital. And we are now empty-nesters, enabling such a move. August 16, 2011 will certainly go down as a historic day in my life! (of course after May 31, 1981, Nov. 9, 1989 and July 1,…


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Taking down the bird feeder

Taking down the bird feeder…


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Need to take the Senate in 2012

Having just heard that the Senate again tabled a bill that was passed in the House, it is apparent that in order to get sane legislation passed, Republicans need to keep control of the House in 2012, and get a majority in the Senate. The current tally is 47 Republicans, 51 Democrats and 2 Independents who caucus with the Dems. Unfortunately, Colorado can't help the odds in 2012, but of the 33 seats up for re-election, 23 are Democrat/Independent either retiring or up for re-election but only…


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Defining the Tea Party


Interesting exchange on the Denver Post blogs:


Runnermike wrote:These tea party jokers had no problem want to blow a hole in the budget by making Bush's Tax Cuts permanent. do you think they care one bit that it would saddle future generations with additional debt. No? Funny how they didn't even form until a Democrat was back in the white house.
Sunny5280 wrote

From what…

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"How Paul Ryan's flawed budget plan has improved the debate over our fiscal future."

The Ryan Reaction

How Paul Ryan's flawed budget plan has improved the debate over our fiscal future.

Barack Obama and Paul Ryan. Click image to expand. In the past two weeks, American political debate has improved considerably. Thanks to…


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Notes from showing of the movie, "Agenda" followed by Q&A by producer Curtis Bowers and Former Congressman Tom Tancredo

In attending this event last night, it dawned on me that there were several opportunities mentioned for people to make a difference. As in the grunt soldier on the ground, most of the jobs are not glorious or high profile but the more soldiers we have for our cause, the easier it will be to win this “war.” One percent of the efforts of 100 people accomplishes more than 100% of the efforts of one person.

The movie basically outlines a war that has been going on for decades for…


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Warning from Dutch legislator - Don't let islamofascism take hold in the U.S. as it has in Europe


A warning to America - Speech Geert Wilders, Cornerstone Church, Nashville, 12 May 2011… PDF

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Democrats bad, Republicans good?

Hello fellow ATP members,


Below is a an article I wrote for a blog that I contribute to on a weekly basis, so thought it might be good to share with this group, as well (it takes me all day sometimes)

You've probably picked up by now that part of my mission in life is trying to "evangelize" to Democrats,…


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Mis-information from the Radical Progressives

Below is an email from Every Child Matters - an email  newsletter I signed up for because I do think that "every child matters." While I'm sure the group has good intentions, their efforts are a prime example of how "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." At the recent Udall/Bennett budget forum, Sen. Alan Simpson effectively answered such demands from liberal do-gooders.He rightly pointed out that failure of the Federal government to get on a fiscally…


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Manners Matter


When you think of Conservative values, what comes to mind? Certainly, being fiscally prudent, adherence to the Constitution, limited government and states’ rights are attributes often associated with being a Conservative. In addition there are social conservative values, such as belief in a Judeo-Christian basis for our country, opposition to abortion and homosexuality. When I think of conservative values, I also think of honesty, integrity and compassion.

There is a saying…


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To preserve a free U.S., drink Tea, not Kool-Aid!

Below is an email sent by me to a friend who is a member of the Elbert County Tea Party in response to his invite to their next meeting.


Thanks for passing this along - looks like a great program! Unfortunately, I plan to be in Ohio then. Others, am passing this along in case you are interested in going - especially the "live fire combat shooting class." I'll handle the activism, right up until…


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Who Won in Wisconsin

Who Won in Wisconsin?

· Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who won the battle of Wisconsin? Republican Gov. Scott Walker got a legislative victory. On the other hand, Democrats, with a wary eye on 2012 and noting the worrying drop in support for President Obama in union-heavy states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, claim to be delighted…


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