Price of silver is almost $41.00

If you want to buy silver eagles, many sites are selling them for $48.00.  .999pure silver

Canadian Maple Leaves are selling for about $45.78.  .9999pure silver

Domestic silver mining/coinage laws?  Are we running out of silver?

  It was not that long ago I was buying silver eagles for less than $20.  Bear in mind, commodities have not increased all that much for nations with stable currencies,  even though they must be converted to dollars to buy oil.  Oil can only be purchased and sold internationally through the New York or London Exchanges with U.S. dollars.  Iraq was arranging to sell oil in currencies other than the U.S. dollar shortly before we invaded them.  Stable currencies are difficult to maintain in other nations due to the Federal Reserve (a private bank) efforts to control fraternal central banks around the world by passing on trillions of U.S. taxpayer backed dollars to these foreign central banks.  The FED wants to continue to make these transactions in secret, which they call merely staying independent.
The FED will continue to create hundreds of billions of dollars, even trillions, backed by U.S. citizens from time to time out of thin air.  Don't be concerned, we are a superior nation and remember the United States is NUMBER ONE. :)
It might be a good idea to purchase some land out in  the country and among other things buy a huge gas tank and fill it asap.  You will probably need an armed guard.
Note:  Homeland (new Fatherland) Security is growing by leaps and bounds and starting to close in on the Defense Department.  Wonder why? 

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