S.D. Police Chief suspended after testifying in suppot of Immigration Law Enforcment Bill

South Dakota Police Chief Suspended After Testifying In Support of Immigration Law Enforcement Bill

The Police Chief has decided to retire.



Please support the Minute Man Project in every way possible. Give financially or consider volunteering one week this year.

This group was formed to protect the Constitution and the Southern Border of the United States.
The Constitution states in Article 4 and Section 4 that the Federal Government "should provide a Republic form of government
and protect the states from invasion".

Now that 20 million or more illegals and potential terrorists have invaded our nation,
it is imperative that We the People protect our nation since those that control our Federal government have refused to.


Contact Heron South Dakota City Hall if you like at


(605) 353-8515

(605) 353-8502

The Mayor is David McGirr.

Their office is directing calls to the city attorney is Gary Kaufman and his number 605-352-9398.
Mr. Kaufman said he was put on paid administration leave, not suspended, but refused to disclose
the reason for it. He said it was a personel matter that could not be discussed.





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