British Tea Party (UKIP) and anti-establishment parties win big in England, France, Denmark

On June 13, 2013, I posted a blog with a link to SteynOnline (Mark Steyn's web site)  referring to the slow, steady  rise of England's UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) led by Neal Farage.  Farage was scoffed at for years by the Conservatives (England's RINOS) and Labour (Our Democrats) and Liberals (Totally Socialist).  On Sunday, the UKIP won big and wiped out totally the Liberal party and gained 117 local seats while the Conservatives lost 117.  The UKIP is England's Tea Party.  In the end it could be the way we'll have to go.  Maybe U.S. Tea Parties should confer with Farage to learn how he defeated the British establishment.  Mainly he wants England out of the European Union and he wants curbs on immigration.  Also, he has gotten support from what we'd call "Reagan Democrats", i.e., the British working class, which the Republicans here ignore.  This is a big deal.  To learn more, read today's SteynOnline

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