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Vendor Cart fire locks down White House 3/7/15

My comment to the Washington Times re:their story about today's White House lockdown due to a vendor cart fire:



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British Tea Party (UKIP) and anti-establishment parties win big in England, France, Denmark

On June 13, 2013, I posted a blog with a link to SteynOnline (Mark Steyn's web site)  referring to the slow, steady  rise of England's UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) led by Neal Farage.  Farage was scoffed at for years by the Conservatives (England's RINOS) and Labour (Our Democrats) and Liberals (Totally Socialist).  On Sunday, the UKIP won big and wiped out totally the Liberal party and gained 117 local seats while the Conservatives lost 117.  The UKIP is England's Tea Party.  In…


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South Carolina Tea Party Meeting January 18-20, 2014

This is a very important tea party meeting. One of the speakers is General Vallely, who is fast becoming an outstanding tea party advocate.  The event is live streamed.  Click on link below to tune in.  J. Waters

 Sign up to watch the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition convention LIVE…


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Laugh out loud funny

 I suggest that Arapahoe Tea Party members read the article entitled "Nigel vs the Lunatic Mainstream" by Mark Steyn, National Review, June 25, 2013.   I think this is the greatest political satire since "A Modest Proposal" byJonathon Swift in 1729, and offers those of us "out of the mainstream" some ammunition to keep the pressure on the idiots running our government.  See link below......J. Waters

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Patriotic Flag Burning

What say we take a page from our despicable mideast brothers and have a public burning of the treasonable NObamamerican flag?

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