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Yes, it seems bias shows through with phrasing and the selection of quotations. 


I did not attend and my computer was not connecting to the livestream very well, so I have been pleased to find most of the Saturday speakers available on  I would recommend watching the segments directly to learn what the speakers are saying in full context for any of the readers here. 


Senator John Andrews did comment in one of his announcements Saturday morning that C-span was there for Saturday.  If they did not record the Friday and Sunday speakers, watch for the Centennial Institute to have a DVD of the complete event available later.


C-span recordings here:



Thanks for the tip. Wilma! I will scan the CD/DVD order form (as a PDF) and post it, too. I will also provide a list of speakers who do not appear on the order forms, so that someone can order those segments, as well. John Andrews did announce that ALL the speakers would be available in CD/DVD format, even though they were not specifically listed on the order form.

Here is a PDF file that has the order form for the CD or DVD recordings from the 2012 Western Conservative Summit. There were some speakers omitted from the order form, but their presentations are still available. Those speakers were:

William J Bennett

Phil Kerpen

Frank Gaffney

Cathy McMorris Rodegers

Bob McDonnell

You can add these speakers' names to your order form, or, if you order the full set of CDs/DVDs, these speakers will automatically be included.


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