California voters just defeated a number of ballot initiatives that were, ostensibly, meant to help reduce the state's massive budget deficit. Good on the voters of California, I say. California is a poster child for the "tax and spend" model of government, a model most Tea Party members are opposed to. The defeat of the California initiatives is being called a "tax revolt" and the results of that "revolt" may well give insight into how the rest of the country's elected officials will react to calls for less spending, lower taxes, and smaller government. What the politicians in California and Washington do now will have a direct influence upon the Tea Party movement throughout the country.

The era of Ponzi scheme funded government tax and spend is over. Drastic cuts are required and the populace, long assuaged by entitlements, welfare programs, and tax breaks, is no longer swayed by this form of social bribery. The costs of that bribery exceed the perceived gains and The People are finally(!) realizing that their tax investments are providing decreasing returns. Governments at all levels are facing the same voter response as California regarding taxation and spending issues. We must drive that point home to our local officials; its not just California.

The time of accounting is now at hand. California WILL have to reign in billions of dollars of spending. The daily lives of many Californians WILL be adversely impacted to one degree or another. How California manages the needed reductions will affect in a big way how other states, and the all-important Federal Government, view America's resolve to have government change its irresponsible financial policies. How California manages this fiscal crisis will, IMHO, determine the direction of the Tea Party movement and future policies of the federal government.

If California can pull off its painful budget reduction without assistance, it will provide huge momentum to enact further national tax and spend reductions and promote fiscal responsibility in government.

If California gets a bailout (federal loan guarantees are already being asked for) and the Feds come to the "rescue", it will strengthen the Big Government position of the socialist-progressives.

California is the archetypal example of what the entire country is headed towards. There is time to lessen the impact of irresponsible government financial policies on the rest of the nation by supporting the voters of California on a national level now. We must tell our representatives that any bailout of California is NOT an option. THIS is the TIME. We must support our brothers and sisters in California who are fighting the fight right now and who have said, "NO! Enough is enough!"

I understand that unforeseen events may require emergency relief, but we can PLAN for that and take appropriate proactive measures. The situation in California and the nation have not come upon us overnight; it has been years in the making. It will take years to unwind and we must start now. There has never been a better or more appropriate time to demand and promote the changes we seek.

I hope that the irony of the largest, most liberal blue electoral state being the first to really say, "NO!", to their government is not lost on the socialist-progressives. Or on the rest of us.

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Comment by Chairman's Committee on May 23, 2009 at 8:12am
I am pleased with the voters of California. These tax increases did not pass in even one county!
The Feds will probably step in bail them out, what is another few Billion to your favorite set of voters, especially when we are already in the hole by Trillions. As an added bonus to Washington the money will come from red states. This result will also strengthen the Tea Party movement. What a clear example of taxation without representation as citizens in the other 49 states did not vote for the office holders and policies that led to Californias problems.
Sacramento will try these measures again, they will threaten to close down schools, fire police and firemen and release thousands of rapists and murderers onto the streets unless the voters do what they are told and vote for tax increases. Californians must hold firm and demand cuts in other areas like public support for the arts and new sports stadiums. If Califormia does get bailed out, New York and the rustbelt states are next.

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