Liberty Tsunami turned out to be a ripple?

To absolutely no surprise, Tom Tancredo has decimated the conservative Tea Party swing year in Colorado. In a year where the Hicken-ritter vs. Republican generic poll identified a Republican landslide, the conservatives only managed 46% of the overall vote in the State-wide race from my most recent observations. Using the dirtiest of smear politics, Tom Tancredo displayed the irresponsibility and child-like behavior to impose his ego to destroy not only his but numerous down ticket races.

I have been at the front of the line warning everyone involved in politics today that someday the light of facts would be shown. Ken Buck, Ryan Frazier, & Stapleton had races that were in play and should have been a landslide for the conservatives in this Tea Party year. Every other state in the nation observing the force of the Tea Party and liberty movement has seen victory after victory. Yet In Colorado the conservatives stayed home. I can not provide any greater anaylisis of how this election took place. The broken pieces of our most precious races are now on the floor for us to look at.

Now where do we go from here? I hope to see an emergency meeting to be held in the next few weeks to discuss the strategies to improve our standing in the next election and internal leadership. Wisdom from what we have learned in the last year would help us to choose a dominant candidate and we should also learn the precious leason to look before we leap when next we move. That means to look at the facts of any controversy before making kneeslap suicidal withdrawals an endorsements to our candidates.

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Comment by Fredrick Lindner on November 13, 2010 at 1:48pm
I accept some of the observations that Randy has made about the individual down ticket races mention. However the greatest fact is that the consevatives barely pulled the few races that we did win. I will say again simpler terms..."IN A HISTORIC MASSIVE TEA PARTY SWING YEAR FOR EVERY CONSERVATIVE RACE...... THE CONSERVATIVES ONLY PULLED A 46%!!" I have provided my opinion of how this became so. Due to the lack of a competitive Governors race the Uniuns spent ~((50-1)) against the lower down ticket races. Gary Marshall had anywhere form 50-70 thousand dollars spent in smear adds against him for a State House district race!! Ryan Frazier couldn't buy a time slot in the last weeks of the campaign becouse the uniuns spent millions to buy up key demographic slots 6 months ago. I have a slightly more optimistic view of the electorate however the results of negative smear campaign adds can be wonderfully reviewed from the Tancredo campaign on how to destroy a candidate.
Comment by Randy B Corporon on November 11, 2010 at 9:09pm

With all due respect to your patriotism and activism, I would replace where you say you "can not provide any greater analysis (of) this election" with you "can not provide any worse analysis." Tancredo decimated nothing. He provided hope and an energy in his last minute campaign that was unmatched state-wide. Your use of words such as child-like, irresponsibility and ego shows that you know neither him nor the facts.

Maes' failure to squelch or air-to-end the dirty laundry demonstrated his lack of experience and leadership capability. He couldn't win. That Democrat operatives put 1/2-million dollars into the Maes' primary campaign is all the proof one needs to know that the people in the know knew it.

Ryan Frazier had a formidable, well-liked incumbent opponent with lots of money. That district was the absolute top district of Democrat focus near the end of the race. Ken Buck said dumb things such as comparing homosexuals to alcoholics on national TV but, more importantly, ran out of money too soon. The last days of the election, the smear ads against Ken were running 5-8 to one, and Ken did not and could not adequately rebut or explain his actual positions.

Walker Stapleton, well, he won didn't he?

I don't know if you have read "The Blueprint," but therein lies the real reason Colorado conservatives were less successful than elsewhere (governor's race or not). Colorado was the breeding ground for a blueprint for success that should have and does have Republicans and Conservatives nation-wide taking notice. It's money, organization, infrastructure, and the ability to turn out the vote which Democrats have all but perfected in our state.

I'm with you when it comes to hoping that a meeting will be held and attended in the next few weeks or, given the fast-approaching holidays, very early next year. My enthusiasm in finding this group and this outstanding web site has been dampened almost from the beginning by the apparent lack of interest and definite lack of participation by the membership.

Maybe you and I can at least get together (with anyone else who wants to) and brain storm about how to fire up what seems like could be a powerful machine in a wonderful, large and conservative county.

As for who Tom Tancredo is and what he did, and why Colorado feels more like California (with apologies to wonderful new or re-elected officials such as Cory Gardner, Kathleen Conti, Mike Coffman, Scott Tipton, the afore-mentioned Walker Stapleton, the Republican state house majority, etc.) than Texas, Oklahoma and other conservative strongholds, you and I will have to continue to debate or else agree to disagree.

More importantly, let's figure out how our different perspectives can best be utilized to mobilize and energize. 2012, here we come!

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