President Obama has made some legal attacks to the constitution of the United States.  Many of the reasons that the Republicans are doing so well in winning political elections in the last 2 years. 


Article 1 section 8 of the constitution:  Obama and the democrat congress bypassed this foundational law with Obama Care.

Article 1 section 5 of the constitution:  Obama has performed an end-run hoping for a court challenge by congress to help his political re-election with the union on labor appointees.


Here is a link put together with several quotes from different media sources but should give you an idea as to what lays ahead for this president and our country.


What are the possibilities of this president over-reaching the twenty second amendment or worse through forces of the latest defense authorization or war powers act.  I would like to have a discussion on these topics as they are of concern to me.  What are the legal actions that the courts will do to maintain the constitution?  Reply to me in emails if you feel the topic is to public.

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Comment by Steven Haworth on January 11, 2012 at 12:54pm

I asked Congressman Coffman what the Congress could and would do to right the wrong of the "still in session recess appointments".  He said that he wasn't sure but thought that the Senate would have to deal with it since it was the Senate that was wronged.  He also said that it has been difficult for the Congress to deal with these things when the Supreme Court continues to decline taking action regarding the missteps on Constitutional issues.  Coffman tossed up his hands and seemed frustrated with an inability to get any court action.  As far as the recent "recess" appointments...perhaps we'll have to see what happens when the full Congress comes back from their "vacation". 

Comment by Keith Ulmer on January 10, 2012 at 6:46pm

Your questions strike at the heart of the problem our nation is dealing with and that is unbridled power that cares not about serving the electorate that puts them in office but rather they serve their ideolgies or their monied backers. I believe the one single thing that could start to right this is for the congress to pass and the states ratify a balanced budget amendment to our constitution and when that takes place the power will start to be controlled. To show how this is true just look at the current congress and how three attempts to pass a balanced  budget amendment that passed the house but was refused to be voted on by the senate or was voted down, the reason that that happened was that they know if they are required to balance their budget their power automatically becomes limited because with the spending we have now they would have to raise taxes equal to a trillion dollars and they know that the tax payers of this country will revolt to such an increase they would also have to raise taxes or cut an existing program if they proposed any new program in legislation.

When we as American's start to realize this we will be able to change our country's destiny. 

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