9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC is to be AVOIDED

9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC is to be AVOIDED


I was with a group of veterans that was invited to attend this memorial this past weekend.  I went with no agenda, traveling with me was my cousin a disable veteran from Viet Nam.  After ten minutes we both look at one another and said “this is all about separating you from your money and decided to leave”.   Both of us have been to many historical museums and rank it on a one to ten scale, I gave it 1 he 0.  This was all before we found out they charge 24.00 dollars for an adult and 18.00 dollars for a Veteran, youth at 17.00 dollars.  It is clear they don’t want families.

I did a walk through the gift shop and it was no better. 

If you’re going to New York City visit the many historic sites and skip this one.  

Someone should be sent to jail for this rip off. 

A total disgrace to the memory of the many lives affected by this tragedy.

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Comment by Tom Devine on November 5, 2014 at 2:51am

I posted this in Facebook and received one negative comment "It is free on Tuesday and every thing is expensive in NYC"   I may have taken the bait but felt compelled to reply.

My reply:
Tom Devine to Mary, You are in part correct “Admission is free for all visitors on Tuesday evenings from 5 p.m. to close, with the last admission two hours prior to closing” How cool is that? Don’t sound like Free on Tuesday.

I know you can get a pile of folks saying something differently but none can address this criticism.
“Monuments have always been intended to embody the past and elevate the spirit, but the new $700-million National September 11 Memorial and Museum in Lower Manhattan is a downer in more ways than one.” AN ANALYSIS OF THE FAILURE OF THE 9/11 MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM by Catesby Leigh November 2014
From the National Review states “September 11 Memorial Museum should have kept the memorial and skipped the museum. It goes on to say, “Among the items stored on the premises, though not open to tourists, are unidentifiable remains of 9/11 dead, human residue for which no other resting place has been found. This puts the 9/11 museum into a category occupied by such monuments as the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum, and it makes similar demands on the conscience: The place is both a mass-murder site and a graveyard. Is there any appropriate way to respond to it?
It is estimated to cost $60 million per year to operate” Makes you wonder what the senior managers are making?”

The 9/11 Memorial was enough. There was no need to tack a museum onto it. 

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